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  • We believe in customer’s satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our remuneration. We are a leading brand in the global market and our customers are the once who has given us this recognition. We are the Microsoft and Cisco certified technicians. We are a leading global company who provides support and warranty for computers.

Our expert team is highly efficient and are capable of repairing any type of computer related problems, like boot error , virus issues, malware and spyware issues internet issues, application issues, printer & scanner issues, browser issues, parental control issues, PDA/MP3 setup, OS installation issues, email issues, outlook issues, data backup issues and computer freeze issues.


When a customer calls our us, we note down the problem and provide a solution for the problem instantly. Our professionals are certified technicians they believe in first call resolution.

We repair the computer online. Our professionals will connect your computer to our technical department and they will diagnose the problem and at same time they will fix the problem for you